Dan, I have completed the program on blueprint reading. Thank you so much for suggesting it - it was a tremendous help…I really do feel I got a lot from it.


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Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

Training at your Convenience

Self-Directed Learning gives employees the opportunity to review training material when and where it is most convenient for them. The QC Group offers a variety of DVD-supported learning programs designed to build essential work skills and an understanding of fundamental quality management methodologies.

All self-directed learning materials are developed by recognized subject matter experts to ensure maximum technical accuracy and a highly effective learning experience. See our newest on-line learning experience: GD&T Fundamentals - Online.

Benefits of SDL include:

  • Training when and where it is convenient
  • Ability to review and re-review material electronically
  • Access to an expert instructor for answers to questions


Available Courses: Course Description Purchase Price*
Applied Shop Math This course gives workers a practical foundation in algebra, plane geometry and trigonometry. It allows them to solve equations and formulas, and calculate dimensions of the geometric shapes that represent most part features.

Length of Course: 12-15 hrs
Basic Measuring Tools Covers Introduction to Linear Instruments; Fixed Gages; Surface Plate and Methods; Dial Indicators; Pneumatic Gauging; Optical Comparators; Coordinate Measuring Machines; and Surface Texture Measurements.

Length of Course: 8-12 hrs
Basic Shop Math This course teaches workers how to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, fractions and decimals. It also shows how to perform other basic activities, such as rounding numbers and calculating averages.

Length of Course: 12-14 hrs
Basic Six Sigma Covers Definitions, Potential benefits, Requirements for success, Process terms, Roles and responsibilities, Project phases, Use of cross-functional project teams

Length of Course: 4-8 hrs
Becoming Lean This program is designed for individuals who will be helping their organization to make the transition to a lean operating philosophy. It explains the basic principles and practices of lean. It also provides guidelines for value stream mapping and converting a process to a lean operation.

Length of Course: 6-8 hrs
Blueprint Reading Introduction to Engineering Drawings; Multi-view Drawings; Sectional Views; Dimensions and Tolerances Part 1 and 2; Part Feature Specifications

Length of Course: 18-20 hrs
Corrective Action This program teaches employees how to use a simple, effective 8-step approach to correcting – and preventing – problems or nonconformities that exist anywhere in their organizations.

Length of Course: 8-10 hrs
Internal Quality Auditor Covers Planning an Internal Audit, Checklists, Opening Meeting, Conducting Interviews, Verifying Information, Responding to Auditees' Reactions, Writing a Nonconformity Statement, Reporting Audit Results, Closing Meeting, Closing Out an Audit

Length of Course: 12-15 hrs
SPC Basic Series The program covers the basic concepts and tasks of collecting data, calculating values and constructing control charts. And it goes a step further, by explaining how to use SPC data to uncover problems, then apply basic techniques to analyze those problems, giving you useful solutions.

Length of Course: 13-19 hrs
SPC Masters Series Introduction; Variables: Control Charts, Calculations and Capability; Implementation.

Length of Course: 20-30 hrs
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Covers Introduction to QFD, The House of Quality, The Voice of the Customer, Phases of QFD

Length of Course: 8-12 hrs

* shipping and any applicable sales taxes may be added to the order total.

For more information about any of these Self-Directed Learning options, please call (952) 746-5725.

online and self-directed learning at your convenience