On-site Contract Dimensional Inspection

The QC Group On-site Inspections

Capitalizing on Convenience

It’s not always convenient for you to ship your parts to us. They may be too large or have other qualities that make shipping a challenge. That’s why QC offers On-Site Contract Dimensional Inspection that brings the process to you.

Wherever you are in the country, we will transport equipment such as a Faro Arm portable CMM to your doorstep if necessary. Our resources are flexible - with multiple technicians and equipment ready for service.

Our technicians are certified dimensional inspectors, able to provide CMM or laser scanning results with calibrated equipment that will be transported to your facility. They can also use your equipment when you have a shortage of your own resources. Sometimes projects come up on very short notice, so our technicians are usually ready to travel within 48 hours.

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These on-site dimensional inspection activities have been completed on projects in industries such as aerospace, oil refinery, power generation, large-scale machining, agriculture equipment manufacturing and many others. QC has a reputation of producing accurate results with very responsible personnel.

From dimensional to containment to source inspections, we conduct on-site contract dimensional inspection daily and welcome the opportunity to help you.