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ISO Registration

The QC Group Auditing Services

If you’ve been asked by your customer to become registered to "ISO," you’ve found the right place.  Implementing a Quality Management System can be a significant investment for your company.  Be ensured that you have the right experience and experts to guide you to success.

The QC Group has assisted in thousands of ISO implementation projects using our on-staff quality professionals and through our network of consultants and trainers nationally and internationally - from simple daylong auditor consultation to implementation of entire quality systems. Some of our areas of expertise are as follows:

  • QMS Overview – 1 day presentation to Management is a good way to prime the pump
  • Desk Audit – We can review your QMS system documentation remotely for compliance.  This can be a big help determining if your company is ready for an on-site visit.  Remember, doc control is a part of every audit!  If you don’t have a system yet, we can help you create one.
  • Quality Manuals and Procedures - Whether you have a working system in place or not, we can assist you as you assemble a manual that tells your customers and your employees what you do, and procedures that tell everyone how to do it! There are different ways to bring this system into your own company communication structure, whether it be a database system, web-based intranet, a simple folder system or a paperless linked documentation system. We can use Word or other applications to hyper-link all of your procedures, work instructions, checklists, illustrative pictures and video clips with a click of the mouse.
  • Gap Analysis and Quality Systems Implementation support - Our experienced professional auditors have performed thousands of ISO implementation projects throughout the nation as well as internationally.  We can come to your facility, speak with your process owners, review your system and deliver an analysis report on-site the next day.  We can then work together with your team to hash out an action plan and timeline for implementation.  This gives you a much fuller estimation of resources needed to complete the project and increases your success rate.
  • Secure a Registrar – Interviewing and selecting a Registrar and Auditor isn’t just an event, it’s the start of a relationship that should bring value to your company.
  • Setup your Audit Program – We can setup your audit program, train your auditors, and guide you  through the first round
  • Training – Your company may need training along the path to registration.  We can coordinate a training program to match your implementation plan and conduct all necessary training on-site.
  • Review your system prior to registration audit – Get that last minute check and feel secure when the Registrar comes on-site.
  • Support during Registration Audit – We can be with you through a registration or surveillance audit

We can help you with the planning, implementation and maintenance of the following Management Systems:

  • ISO 9001
  • AS 9100
  • TS 16949
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001
  • OSHAS 18001

If you are thinking of trying it on your own, consider that those employing consultants to guide planning and implementation have higher success rates for first time registration.  Just like it’s a good idea to have a CPA look over your business return, it’s a good idea to have good support for your system.  It is a small percent of your total investment.

Please give us a call at (952) 746-5725 to see how we can help your company achieve registration on target and on budget.