Producing Geometry You Can Trust

We've had reverse engineering performed elsewhere with acceptable results, but you folks are tops! You'll be our first choice for any future work.

- Tom,

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How To Define A Reverse Engineering Project

3D Scanning Capabilities for by The QC Group
  1. A clear description of your reverse engineering project, including what the final geometry will be used for.How To Define A Reverse Engineering Project
  2. Accuracy required for your application.
  3. What you will supply the company to do the reverse engineering work – number of samples, prior drawings, project history.
  4. Definition of how many pieces the “golden” model will be produced from – 1 piece, or a capability study from several pieces?
  5. What CAD platform you work in.
  6. Critical features on the part.
  7. How far you want the project taken, i.e., will you require point data, a NURBS surface file, comparative analysis, parametric solid, prototypes, or a combination of these?
  8. Any special instructions.
  9. What output format you will need.

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