I greatly appreciated QC’s flexibility with scheduling. I had to make a last minute change in the schedule, and your people were happy to oblige. The employees that you've sent to Plasmon have been great to work with. Best Regards.

- Mike,

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QC Careers

Click below to view requirements and apply! These are internal job listings for direct employment with The QC Group. For Quality Staffing and placement positions, view our technical Job Listings page.

Why work with the QC Group?

The QC Group values Successful People who:

  • Share knowledge openly.
  • Pursue lifelong learning.
  • Recognize others’ accomplishments.
  • Do work that they can be proud of.
  • Are trustworthy, and respectful.
  • Surround themselves with other successful people.

"I was impressed with the friendliness of everyone in the building. The culture seems to be very cooperative. People are free with sharing their knowledge. The environment is always upbeat."
-- Kelsey Maxfield, Sales and Marketing

The QC Group values Outstanding Customer Relationships.

  • Know your customer.
  • Make and keep aggressive commitments.
  • Listen for unstated needs.
  • Deliver a story-worthy experience.

"After being here for a week I felt like I was part of the familty, and to me that is very story-worthy."
-- Ryan Timboe, CAD Specialist

The QC Group values Operational Excellence.

  • Be passionate about quality.
  • Be passionate about productivity.
  • Improve continuously with effective benchmarking.
  • Take full responsibility for job performance.
  • Build robust systems.

"Very nice and clean work environment. Professional. Passionate."
-- Tommy Lam, Lab Supervisor

The QC Group values Innovation.

  • Thrive on challenges.
  • Try new things; learn from mistakes.

"Best place I have ever worked at!"
-- Dan Kison, Inspector

The QC Group values Open Communication.

  • Listen effectively.
  • Speak honestly, accurately, and openly.
  • Include everyone that needs to know.
  • Follow up.

"Everyone seems happy to help those around them grow and succeed."
-- Al Luce, Sales Engineer