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Injection Molding

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Scanning and 3D Digitizing Services

The QC Group Scanning and Digitizing

Precision 3D Digitizing

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Contact 3D scanning and digitizing is an extremely accurate, versatile method of capturing computerized mathematical data. With our CMM’s we can handle standard touch probe applications, along with continuous scan digitizing by obtaining XYZ points at an extremely fast rate of 72 points per second. This process out-performs accuracies achieved by laser and white light scanning techniques.

3D digitizing services capture high-density geometry, compound surface curvature, and draft that are difficult to measure using traditional techniques.  Higher point densities more accurately represent the true value of the feature.  Therefore, measurements become more reliable and stable.

Great for reverse engineering, checking profiles and unusual shaped surfaces.  After digitizing, the resulting ‘point cloud’ data can be imported in a neutral format such as STL, STEP, or IGES, then used for reverse engineering the part. The results can also be used to compare the physical part to its CAD model.

Also see our precision laser scanning options.