I greatly appreciated QC’s flexibility with scheduling. I had to make a last minute change in the schedule, and your people were happy to oblige. The employees that you've sent to Plasmon have been great to work with. Best Regards.

- Mike,

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The QC Candidate and the QC Process

The QC Group Candidate Process

Identifying and Placing Top Talent

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People are what make a good company great. At QC Professionals we do more than simply provide you with a list of candidates. Instead, we employ techniques that draw out the character, work ethic, competence and other qualities you identify and then present you with the top 30 percent of candidates who qualify for the position.

To extract top talent and elicit candidates with the qualities you desire, we interview, screen and test to find the right fit and provide you with a number of options:

  • Direct-hire placements that are assigned on a contingency basis. You pay only if you hire someone we’ve recruited specifically for you.
  • Option-to-hire placements in which you hire our employee as a temporary employee, giving you time to confirm the fit is right.
  • Short or long-term temporary staffing that provides an employment solution for a specified period of time.

Finding a candidate with the exact skill set you need is not always realistic. That’s why QC offers additional training. If during the first 12 months of direct or option-to-hire placement you determine the employee needs additional skills, send them to any of our more than 60 quality-related classes—at absolutely no charge. At QC, we work as an extension of your company to identify and place only the best talent.