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Reverse engineering is the process of taking a finished product and reconstructing design data in a format from which new parts or molds can be produced.

- The Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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Chromatic White Light Interferometry

White light scanning services MN

Increased Quality in Scanning

This technology is based on the confocal measurement principle and works using chromatic depth scanning. White light is refracted differentially depending on its wavelength in order to carry out distance measurements and to capture 3D geometry.

The technology greatly enhances QC's commitment to serving precision tooling designers and manufacturers. Now the quality of a micro-scan can be produced for scanning highly reflective tooling inserts, transparent materials, and microstructures without prepping the part surface in any way. This improves the accuracy of the CAD model and CAD comparisons that result from the scan.

Advantages to this technology:

  • No touching of the surface (the sample cannot be damaged)
  • Designed primarily for 3D surface topography rather than single traces of data
  • Can measure surfaces through transparent medium such as glass or plastic film
  • Has lower vertical noise
  • Very robust measurements using the confocal measuring principle
  • Resolution of 100nm
  • Machine accuracy of less than 2 microns

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