QC is a very professional organization that meets our needs on short notice. They exceed expectations, allowing us to provide a production part approval process to our customer on time.

- Deb,
Injection Molding

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Gage R&R and Capability Studies

The QC Group Gage R&R and Capability Studies

Striving for Accuracy and Predictability

QC is pleased to provide two tools designed to enhance accuracy and predictability in the manufacturing process: Capability Studies and Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies(Gage R&R).

Our customers find Capability Studies to be helpful in:

  • Predicting the future capability of a process to produce a product within specification
  • Identifying opportunities to improve processes

Cultural resistance, statistical errors or process instability can compromise the accuracy of a Capabilitiy Study. QC applies its expertise and real-world statistical experience to deliver a reliable, actionable study. We support you in planning your study and in the dimensional evaluation of your sample parts. Finally, we provide a statistical analysis of your results.

You rely on achieving the same results each and every time. The Gage R&R uncovers human and device variability in measurement so you can ensure consistency and stability.