Reverse engineering is the process of taking a finished product and reconstructing design data in a format from which new parts or molds can be produced.

- The Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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Contact/Non-Contact Profilometry

The QC Group Contact/Non-Contact Profilometry

Mapping Surface Finish

QC leads in precision scanning technology, including the latest methods for capturing surface finish, 2D contours and 3D topography at a microscopic level.

    • Micro-scanning offers non-contact profilometry solutions that employ precision confocal sensors with resolutions of 0.01 microns in the Z-axis. Surface finishes can be measured on many objects not accessible by a traditional stylus. Non-contact surface finish measurements are useful for today’s products that may be sensitive to contact with a hard probe.
    • Proven laser technology combined with computer-driven X and Y translation stages allow for capturing points to less than one micron on a 3D position. The spot size on our laser is two microns, and we can micro-scan objects as large as 7.5 inches square.
    • Contact stylus technology is also available to define surface finish on flat as well as curved geometries.