The timely, accurate information we received from QC was exactly what we needed to keep our projects moving forward on time and with a high level of confidence.

- Joe,
Injection Molding

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Contract Source Inspection: Experienced. Professional.

Professional Source Inspection Services

Local resources in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Vermont, Florida, Texas, and California.

The QC Group's source inspection services allow you to reach your suppliers when your company needs additional skills or people. These services are performed across the US, to customers in virtually any manufacturing setting.

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Documentation support are part of source inspection servicesContract source inspection is provided for a wide range of industries with a depth of knowledge to back up each assignment. Our technicians and engineers are experienced manufacturers. Their skills were acquired in precision machining, molding, die casting, aerospace production, metal stamping, and a variety of other disciplines that provide a depth of understanding of what the customer expects from a supplier.

Our experience with complex documentation also runs deep. We understand the documentation support needs of the defense, medical, and aerospace industries.

Customers have come to rely on QC's third-party inspection as a key resource in Measurement System Development (MSD) when processes are beginning to be established. We can also provide Measurement System Analysis (MSA) support and comparative studies to our ISO-17025 accredited lab. Product verification using micrometer

QC source inspectors can provide oversight, hands-on verification, and general process assessment, as your needs require.

Product containment services are also available when the need arises. This includes CS1, CS2, and CS3 containment and sort activities. We also offer quality improvement services designed to prevent recurrence, including 3rd-party audits.

Experienced in handling small to very large, high-visibility projects our technicians know how to carry out solutions responsibly. You'll be speaking with a professional that represents your company well.

QC's contract source inspection services allow you to solve problems remotely and even prevent them for the future.

Source Inspection request line: 952-746-5720